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Navigating an organisation through societal, business and technological change is a daunting task. Overlay an evolving layer of privacy & data protection regulation, with the scrutiny that brings, and the landscape becomes even more complex.  The balance that has to be struck is how to minimise regulatory risk, while enabling innovation and growth.

Organisations with in-house data protection teams find managing the balance between risk and innovation a challenge.  For others, lacking access to those skills, striking the balance is even more difficult with regulation presenting a greater risk.  We can help you to strike the balance between privacy & data protection risk and maximising the value of personal information.

Our consulting propositions are focused on personal information.  Whether it is how to maximise the opportunity, demonstrate compliance or understanding the impact of regulatory change, we can help.


Supporting Growth

Our strategy propositions have personal information at their core.  We can help you to explore how personal information can be leveraged to drive growth, while balancing regulatory risk.  Whether you are looking to integrate data protection into business processes, develop new services, explore new ways of developing customer loyalty or drive value from mergers & acquisitions, we can help.  

Developing New Services

Build privacy & data protection into new product or service development, maximise the value of personal information while meeting your regulatory obligations

Building Privacy Based Trust

Explore the role that privacy trust has in building customer loyalty, identify the levers and develop your strategy

Mergers & Acquisitions

Understand the impact that privacy & data protection has on mergers & acquisitions, identifying risks and hidden costs early in the process

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Improvement & Assurance

Our improvement and assurance health checks have a dual role.  They can be used to demonstrate compliance with GDPR, supporting your accountability obligation, by either looking holistically across the organisation or taking a deep dive into specific, higher risk areas.  Alternatively, you can use them to baseline your existing activity, prioritising improvements to reach an appropriate level of compliance.  Whichever approach is most applicable, we can help you.

Privacy & Data Protection Health Check

Understand the maturity of your data protection compliance regime, while meeting your regulatory obligation to demonstrate compliance

PI Security Health Check

Examine whether your security measures are robust enough to withstand regulatory scrutiny, while meeting your regulatory obligation to demonstrate compliance

Data Protection by Design Health Check

Explore if your approach to data protection by design & default delivers the information you need to demonstrate accountability

Data Subject Rights Health Check

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your request handling, while meeting your regulatory obligation to assess compliance

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Managing Regulatory Change

Privacy & data protection regulation is constantly evolving to keep pace with societal and technological change.  At the same time organisations are becoming more virtual, serving customers on a global basis and utilising services from around the world.  Keeping abreast of changes in privacy & data protection regulation that impact your business can be a challenge.  Our regulatory change propositions are developed to help clients understand the impacts of these changes, allowing appropriate action plans to be put in place.  If you are looking to understand how these changes impact you, we can help.

POPIA Readiness

Understand how the new South African data protection law will impact your business and what you need to do to comply

Direct Marketing Readiness

Examine how the upcoming direct marketing code of practice will impact your business and what you need to do to comply

Age Appropriate Design Readiness

Understand how the new age appropriate design code will impact your organisation and develop an appropriate remediation plan 

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