DP Assure is a privacy & data protection managed service, tailored to support all sizes of organisation.  We act as your internal data protection team providing access to our experts, who can advise & guide you through compliance issues and support you to leverage personal information.  All reinforced by an annual health check that delivers on your requirement to demonstrate compliance. 

When there are changes in privacy & data protection regulation, organisations tend to call in consultants to understand the impacts.  DP Assure offers an alternative approach.  As part of the service we offer clients the advice & support they need to comply with changes in regulation, avoiding expensive consultancy costs.

DP Assure is configurable.  Built upon the core service, we can add layers to provide regular data protection training, maintain your registers or manage data subject requests. Let us know and we can develop the service to meet your needs.

Targeted at organisations with no, or small, data protection teams, DP Assure offers a cost effective approach to fulfilling your privacy & data protection compliance obligations.  

Why Consider DP Assure?



We bring the knowledge & experience you need to be confident in your privacy & data protection compliance, backing it up with an annual health check to demonstrate compliance


Access to Experts

Our aim is to become your trusted privacy & data protection partner, providing you with access to the expertise you need to maintain compliance and deal with unexpected events


Continuous Improvement

Whether working to improve compliance or react to changes, we work with you to make privacy & data protection part of your DNA



Cost Effective

We act as your internal data protection team at a fraction of the cost of retained resource, while reducing external advisory spend

What does DP Assure look like?


Annual Health Check

  • Our annual health check provides a way of demonstrating compliance, a regulatory obligation
  • Identifies any weakness in your compliance regime, enabling a good level of compliance to be maintained

Advice & Guidance

  • Our experts are on hand to provide the support & guidance you need
  • We provide the advice & guidance you need to manage regulatory changes
  • There to support and guide you through events that happen from time to time, like data breaches and data subject requests


  • Access to guided templates, tailored to meet your compliance requirements
  • We conduct review documentation you produce to ensure accuracy and compliance

Looking for an alternative viewpoint on privacy & data protection?

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